Our 2017 storybook is available for pre-order!

The 2017 Young Authors Challenge storybook for Starship is now available for pre-order. 

What is the 2017 storybook about? 

What is the best way to get a freshly baked cookie out of Grenade Granny’s Holy Cookie Jar?  You’ve already asked if you can have one and she’s said no! What are you meant to do!? Once you’re under the spell of that gooey chocolate chip smell, nothing can stop the cookie cravings. 

Find out what lengths the Taverton kids will go to for a cookie in Holy Cookie Jar, the first short story in this special tenth year storybook.

For a good cause

Every book you buy contributes to the Starship Foundation and the Barfoot & Thompson Magic of Reading programme, which puts a book into the hands of every child who stays overnight in Starship Hospital or Whangarei Hospital children’s ward

If I pre-order now, when will my book arrive? 

The 2017 storybook will be launched on 8 November. Preorders will be sent out in the days following this.

Our 2017 storybook authors

Ten imaginative young writers, who were the winners of the 2017 Barfoot & Thompson Young Authors Challenge, have put pen to paper and created rich stories about characters trying new things, entering other worlds or striving to get something they really want, to cautionary tales of being careful what you wish for.

Find out more about our winning authors here



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