Tips & Help


So you’ve picked up your pencil, but what do you do now!? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started and finished.


Draw up a Brainstorm
Sometimes you just have too many ideas! When they’re all floating around up in your head it can be a little overwhelming.

Drawing a brainstorm can help! Put the main idea in the centre of a piece of paper (the bigger the paper the better!) and then draw any ideas that come to mind around your centre idea. Use different colours or drawings – anything can help jump start your creativity.


Talk It Out
Get together with your friends and family and talk about your story. Ask if they have any ideas to make your story even better!

Start a Writer's Notebook
Start your very own writer’s notebook and list all ideas that spring to mind, whenever and wherever they happen! Then you can look back on them later and add to them!

Make a Simple Timeline
We all know stories have a beginning, middle and end, so put these into a simple timeline. Jot down when each important event happens throughout the story. This should help you decide on where you would like to start your writing -at the beginning of the timeline? In the middle?  At the end? Just go for it and get those ideas down on paper!

Three by Three by Three
This is a fun writing exercise – give yourself three minutes to write three ideas on three different topics. Great for generating ideas and a fun challenge!