Meet the Past Challenge Winners

Some of our latest winners are below – imagine what your photo would look like on here too!

2016 winners


Back row: Kikka Okuno, Amy Wang, Selau Ifopo, Maia Holland

Front row: Olive Whatmough, Loughlin Mosen, Alayna Finlay, Caleb Palmer

Absent – Kelly Zheng

2015 winnersweb 1400px Barfoot 2015 Young Authors 17

From left to right: Lucy Li, Josephine Sim (Supreme Winner), Ben Davies, Nicole Daria, Jenna Hainsworth, Antoine Ashman, Emilia Finer, Caleb Palmer.

2014 winners

Meet our 2014 overall winner, Lucy Li who wrote the cover story Supersparrow and the Black Cat– illustrated by Keven Mealamu.

Meet Hannah Jones, she wrote Diamonds Destiny – Supersparrow and the Black Cat– illustrated by Keven Mealamu.

2013 Winners

web1200px Barfoot - Pukekohe 02

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2012 Winners

2012_BayPri_612x356 2012_Somerville_612x356 2012_PukeInter_612x356 2012_NorthInter_612x356 2012_HealthSchoo_612x356 2012_BuckScho_612x356


2011 Winners

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2010 Winners



2009 Winners


2008 Winners